Trying out direct mail

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Nobody really likes getting flyers and junk mail. While they certainly don’t bother me, I have no problem dropping them into the blue box after a quick read to see if it’s relevant to me now or if I think it will be in the future. But how is a new business supposed to grow? Word of mouth is the best form of advertising, but when one is relatively new one must advertise. *Everybody* knows about Coca Cola and McDonald’s; I’d guess they still probably spend more money on one advertising cycle than my humble business will ever earn in my lifetime!

For me, my traditional method of spreading the word has been pounding the pavement and dropping flyers and/or business cards in neighbourhood mailboxes. I have no plans to stop, but for my spring campaign to get the tree side of my business rolling for 2019, I thought I’d try adding direct mail to the mix. It’s significantly more costly per piece than if I had dropped the flyer off myself, but it is also received differently. Hopefully a higher percentage of people really read my message and reach out to me. Canada Post should have delivered my mail today. If you are reading this blog post after having received my mail, thank you! Welcome to my site, and if you have any questions or would like me to come out for a free estimate please call/text/email me. If you made it this far, then you already have my contact information. 🙂

Stacks o' mail
Stacks o’ mail

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