Tools of the Trade – Stihl MS 661 C Chainsaw

Hello folks! Nobody ever said being an arborist would be cheap. I have added a new piece of equipment in the Thirsty Water Enterprises lineup – a chainsaw.

“But you already have a chainsaw, right?”

Yes, I sure do. It’s an Ego 56V electric chainsaw, and it works very well. The battery lasts a long time, it doesn’t spew noxious exhaust, and it’s relatively quiet for a chainsaw. It is light and quite manoeuvrable hanging from my hip while climbing a tree. The bar, however, is only 16″ long, and if I’m going to tackle the big jobs then I’m going to need a bigger saw. Enter my new Stihl.

Stihl is probably the biggest name in chainsaws. If I’m going to get a larger gas chainsaw, I want it to be one trusted by arborists the world over. The model I selected was the MS 661 C powered by a beefy 91cc 2-stroke engine. The largest bar the 661 can handle is 36″; naturally that was the bar I selected with it. This saw is so powerful that the smallest bar it can handle is 20″ without over-revving due to insufficient load.

I haven’t had the opportunity to use it yet, though I am removing a pair of rather large trees this week and will be putting it through its paces.

Here is my first start video. I’m not sure why I had such a hard time saying “inaugural” when recording this. 🙂

My new Stihl MS 661 C chainsaw

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