Year Round Yard Care

Snow shoveling is one thing, but sometimes it’s nice (or even necessary) to have someone take care of your yard year round for you. I would be pleased to offer my services to you. I am currently limiting my yard care service area to about one quarter of the city, the area east of the Red River, from St. Boniface south to the Perimeter. Note that arborist services are not subject to this limited service area!

My 12 month year round yard care plan is based on a fixed monthly rate year round. Prices for November 2019 – October 2020 start at $130/month including GST. The approximate yearly schedule is as follows:

  1. January – snow clearing
  2. February – snow clearing
  3. March – snow clearing
  4. April – spring cleaning (raking / dethatching lawn, sand in boulevard or driveway)
  5. May – weekly grass cutting as needed, aerate lawn, spring fertilizer
  6. June – weekly grass cutting, weed control spot treatment
  7. July – weekly grass cutting, fertilizer
  8. August – weekly grass cutting, weed control spot treatment
  9. September – weekly grass cutting
  10. October – weekly grass cutting, weekly fall cleanup, fall fertilizer
  11. November – weekly fall cleanup continued, snow clearing begins
  12. December – snow clearing