What’s a blog?

Just kidding, I do know what a blog is. After all, prior to becoming an arborist, I’ve had decades of experience working with computers and other electronic and technological systems. I even have my bachelor of engineering degree (computer engineering) from the University of Manitoba having graduated in 2002. Why then with that background did I choose to add “arborist” to my résumé?  Good question!

My employer, with whom I am also still currently employed and have been for eleven years, was undergoing some large scale changes. My job had always been secure, but now things were up in the air. I could conceivably have been given a handshake and led out the door as a result of downsizing. I have a family to take care of, so I needed a backup plan. Okay, fair enough, but again – why arborist?

I had long felt a longing to work outdoors in some sort of landscaping sort of area. I didn’t have any experience in that area, but I just knew that I wanted to consider that as a possible change. At the time I didn’t even know what the word “arborist” meant, not until I needed a tree removed in my own back yard. What do you call a person who cuts down trees? A tree guy/gal? After asking around, I found some friends who had used an arborist for tree work. After calling a few, I went with a recommendation and hired one to safely remove the tree that was naturally leaning over the house (no big deal) and starting to show signs of rot (oh, now that could be a big deal).

This particular angle to the whole landscaping / outdoor work theme that was stirring in my belly really intrigued me. I researched the topic like a mad man. It was fascinating! The work looked very challenging yet terribly exhilarating. Who wouldn’t want to climb a tree and swing around like a monkey for a living? Well, after discussing it with my wife, the next thing you know I’m registered for the licensed arborist training program at the University of Manitoba!

I completed the program, passed the exam, registered my business, got my business insurance (prerequisite for the license), and finally my arborist’s license from the Manitoba Conservation branch of the provincial government. I did some small jobs, and even some larger jobs, taking my time, going slowly and safely, and learning a lot in the process. Most importantly that I love being an arborist!

I continue to further my education and practical training in arboriculture to be the best and safest arborist I can be. I do have a family to support, remember, so I am running and gradually building up my business on the side while still keeping my engineering day job full time.

For now, anyway. 😉

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