Thirsty Water Enterprises now accepts credit cards!

Good afternoon everyone,

I’m very happy to announce that I can now accept credit cards (tap as well as chip and PIN) and smartphone tap as forms of payment. As my existing clients know, my accepted methods of payment were Interac eTransfer, cheque, or cash. Those methods of payment are still accepted and even preferred as they do not incur service fees, but I do realize that not everybody wants to pay that way. Myself included. Personally, I pay for *everything* possible on my credit card. As a small business owner, I am now aware of the service charges it incurs on the business owner, but it makes it easy for my wife and I to keep track of our spending, and of course we benefit from the points collected on our card of choice.

So I get it. I certainly don’t want to be a hypocrite about this. I’ve been asked before if I take credit cards, and the answer has always been “I’m sorry, but no”. I’ve been fortunate in that I’ve never lost out on a job because of it, but it stretched the client a little more than they were comfortable being stretched. When you consider that tree services can be expensive and sometimes they should not be delayed, it just makes sense. And again, not a hypocrite. 🙂

Thanks to Square Payments, in addition to Interac eTransfer, cheque, and cash, I can also take VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, and Google Pay onsite after the job is complete. If you are not there to provide payment when I am done (a very common occurrance and certainly no problem at all), I will send an invoice through Square. It includes a “Pay Invoice” button which will let you enter your credit card information securely online and pay that way. Of course there’s no obligation to pay by credit card. As always, you can still pay by eTransfer, cheque, or cash if you prefer and I will apply that payment manually to your invoice.

Square is a little squirrely when it comes to Interac debit cards in Canada. They do take Interac Flash tap payments for purchases up to $100, but they do not process Interac chip and PIN purchases; therefore they cannot process Interac purchases over $100. In that case, an Interac eTransfer on your own time is just as good as a debit card since I don’t just sit there and tap my foot waiting for you to pay before I move my truck out of your driveway! 😆

This is an exciting time! Anything I can do to make my tree care and snow removal services more accessible and convenient to my customers is a win-win. Besides, it makes me feel like my business just grew up a bit.

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